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  • The Story of a Stranger

    The Story of a Stranger

    Albert Camus’s French masterpiece, L’Etranger translated into English as The Stranger has an interesting synopsis. It says that it is about ‘The nakedness of a man faced with the absurd’. When I read this, there were a lot of situations that I drew up in my mind; situations which could qualify as ‘absurd’, and I […]

  • The Story of Siddhartha

    The Story of Siddhartha

    What more do I write about this book except that it is an experience. An experience of living in the mind of a person who is out to seek the meaning of life, who is on a path of self awakening. It is as simple as that and yet not. Hermann Hesse in his book […]

  • The Story of a Beloved

    The Story of a Beloved

    A masterpiece. Oh it is a masterpiece! Toni Morrison in Beloved tells us the story of a slave family during the times when slavery was being abolished; when they’ve lived such a life and didn’t know how to live otherwise or are still living in the aftermath of what they went through. A time, when […]

  • The Story of Two Lovers and Mahatma Gandhi

    The Story of Two Lovers and Mahatma Gandhi

    To say that I went into this book with zero expectations wouldn’t be completely untrue. Titled ‘Waiting for the Mahatma’ this book didn’t really boast of a great plot. However, what intrigued me was why then was this chosen by Goodreads as one of RK Narayan’s best work. There is a flavour to his writing […]

  • The Story of Ten Strangers

    The Story of Ten Strangers

    The first thing you’ll notice about Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None is the author’s note. I rarely read the author’s note. Rather read it after I finish the novel just to see what was going on in their head when they wrote it. But in this case, the note is so short, so […]

  • The Story of Mort

    The Story of Mort

    Terry Pratchett is an author whose works I haven’t read, and I must admit, regrettably so, wasn’t even aware of. This whole reading acclaimed authors/books is turning out to be an interesting exercise and I am only at my fourth book. A whole 96 more to go. Getting back to novel no.4, Terry Pratchett’s Mort […]

  • The Little Girl and her Secret Garden

    The Little Girl and her Secret Garden

    Frances Hodgson Burnett, in her book ‘The Secret Garden’, paints a pretty picture of the ‘English moors’ complete with a hundred room Manor, Yorkshire country folk and their queer accents and the gardens and orchards that surround those lands. For someone who hasn’t been to such a place, it does set the imagination wild. But, […]

  • A Prince and His Tales

    A Prince and His Tales

    The first thought that crossed my mind when I saw this book was, ‘How could something so little have captivated the minds of so many readers across time’. As I turned the pages of the book, I found my answer. This book reaches out to that core instinct in us which makes us treasure something. […]

  • A Bunch of Kids and the Mockingbird

    A Bunch of Kids and the Mockingbird

    I didn’t know much about this book and honestly speaking expected a typical courtroom drama where the blacks were being pitted against the whites, and you have one lone crusader who is trying to fight for them. It was so much more. Harper Lee, in To Kill a Mocking Bird, her first book, beautifully weaves […]

  • The Story of The List

    The Story of The List

    Coming up with a list of books was anything but easy. How did I go about it then? The first step in this self imposed adventure is, of course, to make The List. Tempted as I was to pick a certain genre or read the books I’ve been wishing to for a while, I figured […]

  • The Story of being Booked for 100

    The Story of being Booked for 100

    Reading was like second nature to me. My earliest memory of a happy time is when I read my first book. Opening a comic book by the candlelight to while away time during those infamous Bangalore power cuts in the early 90s, still brings a warm feeling to my heart. My dad then introduced me […]